curiosity house:
the shrunken head

A sensational new series that combines the unparalleled storytelling gifts of New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver with the rich knowledge of relics collector H.C. Chester.

Despite being blessed with extraordinary abilities, orphans Philippa, Sam, and Thomas have never felt anything but normal in Dumfrey’s Dime Museum of Freaks, Oddities, and Wonders: Philippa is a powerful mentalist, Sam is the world’s strongest boy, and Thomas can squeeze himself into a space no bigger than a breadbox. But when a fourth child, Max, a knife-thrower with deadly accuracy, joins the group, it sets off a dramatic chain of events that will threaten the only place they’ve ever felt at home.

When the museum’s most prized possession, an Amazonian shrunken head, is stolen, the four are determined to get it back. But their search leads them to a series of murders and an explosive secret about their pasts.

This outstanding new series will capture the imagination and hook readers from the first page.


"Step right up! Step right up! Mystery, murder, curses, and sideshow freaks! Or are they superheroes? There’s only one way to find out... Read Curiosity House! You’ll be glad you did!”

~Adam Gidwitz, New York Times bestselling author of A Tale Dark and Grimm series

"The continuous action, compelling mystery, and dark, brooding illustrations make this book impossible to put down. Perfect for kids who feel they’re different or those simply after a freakishly good time."

~Booklist (starred review)

"From the opening sentence, Oliver grabs readers' attention, enveloping them with strong storytelling and rich language."

~School Library Journal

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: step right up and don’t be shy. You must not—you absolutely cannot!—put this book down.” With this bit of honest advertising, so begins this captivating series opener from Oliver (The Spindlers) and Chester."

~Publishers Weekly